In December 17, 2016 Elon Musk created the boring company. This specializing in Geotechnical engineering Out of all the company Elon Musk created The Boring company is different. The whole key to this project was to be different but solve problems encounter everyday. An example of this would have to be different projects happening all across the US to solve problems about traffic. All this was an idea becoming an actual thing, Musk says at start he only used 3% of his time thing thinking of The Boring Company.

The Hyperloop

Musk and The Boring Company are planning to solve the issue of traffic. How? They plan to make Hyperloop which are tunnels in heavily densely populated areas. We are already seeing this project taking the first steps in cities like Washington and Los Angeles. With this musk explains how these tunnels could travel from Washington, DC all the way to New York city in half an hour. Musk plans to have steel tubes about 11 feet in diameter that would go underground. Musk explains how the track must not take sharp turns but also avoid existing infrastructure. It seems like every day we are getting closer to experiencing this kind of technology for transportation.