The American Dream

From cars, all the way to flying a rocket to mars and then new ways of transportation it seems like you hear about Elon Musk almost in everything about the future. So how does Elon Musk show the American Dream? Just like many people in America he was not born here. He shows how with its possible to turn nothing into something. Elon Reeve Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa in June 28, 1971. At the age of 17 Musk moved to Canada and avoid mandatory service for the South African military but then in 1992 he moved to America to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Then moving to Standford University, which at the time the Internet was starting to grow tremendously, at the age of 24 he did the unthinking and left the University. This is the point in his life where he started his American Dream. With both his brother and him having the same dream, Musk started Zip2 which was an online city guide, that made new content for The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. With the company being a huge success another company bought Zip2 for $307 Million. With Musk wanting to do more in 1999 he co-founder Then in October 2002 this became known as PayPal. From this musk gain $1.5 billion in stocks. Then Musk founded Space X in 2002 then in the following years Musk founding more company such as Tesla and The Boring Company. Elon Musk shows how he started almost from nothing but a dream just like many Americans and turning nothing in to something amazing.